Free service, not a date

I met a girl and we talked for more than 4 months. She had her own little business, she sewed dresses to order. And then I worked as a photographer in an advertising agency. Now I have already opened my own company and can devote more time to my family. But then communication on dating sites was interesting to me. But I think that most often I looked at girls as a way to make new friends because I moved to this city for about 2 weeks. At that time, it was difficult for me to adapt because I always liked the big noisy companies of guys and girls in my hometown.

We chatted with friends on social networks but I wanted to communicate in person. I opened a profile on the site to meet girls and just find friends. But one girl sold special to me. We talked and discussed different things. That was really cool. Then I invited her to go to the park because spring came and all the parks were really beautiful. She agreed. I took my camera because I like to photograph nature and wanted to show her my work.

We met in the park and walked there for about two hours. I sometimes took pictures. Then she offered to go to another park because there were more beautiful trees. We went there and she asked to take some photos for her because I had a real professional camera. I agreed and took her about 20 photos. I worked as a photographer but could not get the money from the girl that I liked. After we sat in the cafe I went home. She asked me to send her a photo and I sent these 20.

I did not see any problem in this. We talked after our meeting and everything was ok. I asked for her page on social networks but she did not want to give it. Then I found her page and saw a lot of photos there. I thought she was a blogger or a very narcissistic girl. Her photographs were hundreds. She did not have friends, family, nature or anything else - only her face, new clothes, figure, shoes, fashion accessories. I asked her about it but she did not answer. She no longer wrote me a message.

I was disappointed or even upset. I had a feeling that she just used me and forgot. There was a forum on the dating site and I described this situation there. Many guys said that this is such a system to get cool pro pictures for free. Girl chatting with guys and looking for a photographer and then goes on a date with him. Gets cool photos and blocks it. Then she is looking for the next. This is vile but pretty thoughtful. She talks with a guy, goes to a cafe, gets a pro photo and it's free. But she does not think about the feelings and dreams that these guys had. It was an unpleasant situation for me, but I have already built a family and I want to communicate on dating sites. Of course there were good girls, but I was not lucky to go on a date with them. I met my beloved girl at a gas station and it was very unexpected.

My friend is still sitting on a dating site and he saw the profile of that girl. We decided to write to her and tell the legend about the photographer for a fashion magazine. We regretted it because her messages arrived a lot. Here she wanted to meet and wrote about it every day. We did not want to tell her the truth and we wanted to send her out and come together. But then time passed and we both forgot about it. It was just fun and my friend did not want to create this trash. He blocked her.

I did not want to put her in a bad position in a personal meeting, but I understand that her behavior is wrong. There are guys who are really looking for a girl for a serious relationship and she can hurt them with such a consumer attitude. I did not know about such a scheme - it needs to be very inventive for such actions. It is a pity that such a beautiful, interesting and young girl is now doing such things. She is 21 and what will she do next. I sympathize with her. You can’t use people so meanly.