My acquaintance on a dating site

I was skeptical of dating sites. My brother had chatted for a long time there but could not find the ideal bride and paid membership in vain. But some of my friends could find good girls but from other countries. I decided to open a profile to check my guesses and just chat with the girls. Three years passed after my divorce and I did not have a serious relationship. I devote all my time to my favorite work, but time goes by and I want a family and children.

I opened the application form and filled in all the fields. Perhaps it was important for me that the girls could better understand my character and better know my personality. Her name was Anna, she lives in London. The distance between us is the whole ocean… literally. Our communication was very pleasant and easy. I did not need to come up with topics for conversation. We talked for more than 5 months and every time I waited for her to appear online with a thrill in my heart. And that feeling got stronger.

We talked about people, politics, sports, health, etc. She always supported me and asked about my every day. I was pleased with such attention and such concern for me. But neither I nor she offered to switch to video chat. I suspected it was too strange. But many years of loneliness forced me to take a vacation and go to England. I wrote to her and she answered positively. All this time I was thinking about our meeting. I bought her presents. I chose the most authentic things that are in my region.

She met me at the airport and we decided to sit in a cafe there. The flight was difficult but our meeting brightened up all the difficulties. She really works as a creative designer and looks very cool. Communication personally was as easy as our chat on the site. She advised me an inexpensive hotel near the park because she likes to walk there. The first evening we went to the exhibition and then walked in the park. She promised to show me the city and tell more about it. The next evening, she refused to meet, she was busy. The third evening I also spent alone.

After two days of refusal, I decided to see her in person and ask directly. She said that I am a good guy and we could be a good couple but she has children and her ex-husband often visits them. Children are not a problem for me, but I remember that she did not want to move and give up her life in London.

We both could not find a solution because I also did not want to loose a good job in America. I did not understand why we chatted and why we met if we have no future. She suggested continuing to communicate on the site and I agreed. I don’t know why I made such a decision. I guess I just wanted to see her online.

We chatted after my return home. Just a couple of weeks and then she deleted her profile. I still have her number, but I can’t call her because I don’t see the sense. So far, I can’t forget her, but this story taught me even more not to trust a girl on the Internet. I do not regret my trip; I really wanted to see this city. But meeting Anna made my stay there sad. I have not visited this site for more than a month and so far I have no desire to do this. Maybe she found a good man or still alone.

My friend has many profiles on different dating sites and I went to him to search for Anna on other platforms. The most interesting thing is that I found it on a British local site. This was interesting because there she writes that she has children and that she is not ready to move to another country. I wanted to write to her very much, but male pride did not allow me to do this. I do not understand why she wrote to me on the international site if she does not want to move.

A couple of days ago, I opened another profile on another dating site. Probably to look for her there. I still ponder our conversation and dream that everything could be different. There are many cases when people are ready to give up their life and leave for another country. But this was not about me.

The most annoying thing in my case is disappointment. I was alone for so long and my heart was filled with love again but it was a fake. Now I'm alone again and this feeling doesn't leave me.