Our online meeting, which changed our lives

This story belongs to my brother. He is a programmer and spends most of his time with a laptop. This is his work, his hobby, his world. He does not visit clubs or bars, he has few real friends and dates are also not his topic. He prefers to chat on forums for gamers and a dating site for him is a way to flirt with girls. But one girl became a special person for him.

They chatted on the site for about a month and she also loves computer games. He lives in America and she is from Japan. They have a lot in common because they love technology and various programming innovations. After talking on the site, they went into chat rooms where there are games and chatted there. Then their conversation went to the video conference and my brother changed. The girl became an important element for him every day but he did not talk about a personal meeting. I asked him why he can’t fly to her - he makes good money and such a trip will not be a problem for a person who works on the Internet. He said he was shy and it was easier to communicate virtually. Their communication dragged on for 2 years and she was the initiator of their meeting. She came to America and made an appointment. For a long time I had to persuade my brother to go to her cafe. He met, but he did not tell the details. After that, she changed her tickets and flew away 4 days earlier than she planned to stay in our city. On the site, she deleted the profile and I thought that their relationship was over. But my brother surprised me, he said that she was perfect and she went to talk with her family to move to live in America. I do not know the family laws of that country, but her parents were not very happy to give their daughter to a foreign country. But they talked with my brother and they liked him. She moved and they lived together for over a year. Then everything went in a bad direction because the culture of our country is different from life in Japan and the girl got bored. They flew to her home several times and her parents insisted on a wedding but my brother was not ready.

They remained friends and she is still looking for love. I think that a dating site is a good thing to find a partner but the difference of cultures, religion and views also have important points in building a relationship.

Now my brother found another girl and they also wanted to live together. They met on a dating site but he invited her to move to him after 2 weeks of communication. Maybe she is his fate because these guys are very similar. I am very happy for him and I hope that they will move on together.

That girl from Japan is still his friend. They communicate but not the topic of games and news in the world of technology. This country is really progressing and Toshi sent my brother many different funny gadgets. I like this girl but I'm sorry that she opens a profile on a dating site again and cannot find happiness.

I know many stories when people from different countries could create a family after dating site. But my brother does not believe that. Maybe the thinking of the programmers is different, but I respect his opinion. My wife and I met on this site too. But I indicated that they are looking for a relationship with a girl only from my country and my city. Our daughter is already 2 years old and we did not think that our fate would be like that. We talked for more than 6 months and I was disappointed with her interests and hobbies. I thought it was better for me to be alone than with her. But a personal meeting has changed everything. She was very timid online and in real life was fun and interesting.

Most recently, we celebrated my birthday and remembered his story with my brother. Now our friend has divorced and we want to open a profile for him on the site. There are many people who could find the perfect partner there, and there are people who are just out of luck.