Unsuccessful adventures

After the divorce, I was not alone for a very long time because we remained friends with my wife. We got married very quickly and love passed quickly too. Thoughts of divorce visited both of us and we made this decision together. We had no children and we rented a house. We just got divorce papers and went in different directions. Now I opened a profile on a dating site and wanted to find a girl to travel on vacation. I was not looking for a girl for sex; I just wanted to find a friend who would be a fun companion for me. Of course, I was counting on closer relations, but I did not plan anything specifically.

I met a girl from Thailand. It was very cool because I wanted to fly there for 2 weeks. There were my friends who also had a vacation. I thought it would be nice to see them there, but I didn’t want to be without a couple. My friends are two guys with their girls, so I would not be comfortable spending time with them without a girl. I met Zumi on the Internet and explained to her the situation so that she would not think bad things. She reacted well and even promised to help with the room. I do not like to buy vouchers, I go with a one-way ticket and look for accommodation on my own. I didn’t want a big hotel, I like living with the locals to get to know their culture and traditions better. My friends were at the hotel and Zumi helped find a room near them.

I arrived in the city, met this girl and we went to the housing that she found. This was a pretty slender girl with short dark hair. I left my suitcase and we went to the cafe. She said that her dad works in a travel agency and her two brothers take boats to rent to sail with tourists. It was a pleasant chat. Then we met with my friends and Zumi offered to go to the club on the beach in the evening. We had a good time at the club and went to friends at the hotel. There was a noisy party and we stayed at that hotel until the morning. Alcohol, fun and good mood sent us to the same bed and we spent the night together. In the morning she drove home and then called me. She said that she has no problems and she can spend time with guys that she likes. I thought it might be a problem for me, but I was also pleased with her.

I did not think about a serious relationship with her, but I was glad to spend my vacation with this charming girl. At first everything was fun, about the first 4 days. Then she rarely began to answer my calls and I began to worry. I was interested in the reason for her strange behavior and I thought to go back to the dating site. I saw that she deleted her profile. My first thought was - she found her ideal boyfriend and now she is happy. A couple of days I just rested traveled around the village and looked around. In the evening I returned to the room and saw that there were no my things. I went to my friends at the hotel and we wanted to call the police, but the guys dissuaded me. They said that the police can help if I am a tourist from the hotel but a guy who voluntarily lived next to the locals in the room can not count on help. Living with the locals was a risk and I failed. It's good that my documents and money were with me, part of the equipment too, and the clothes were not an important element. I felt sorry for the sneakers I recently bought at Reebok.

After that, I returned to the hotel and prepared for the trip home. The idea that Zumi and her brothers were to blame for theft did not leave me. Maybe she just makes money on naive tourist guys like me. Now I am more cautious with dating on such sites and do not write to every pretty girl. Maybe my story will be useful to someone, but I did not want problems. I just wanted to find a girl to have fun and not to cheat. But I did not know that I would become a victim of deceit from such a pretty and kind girl. I am upset, but now I chat with girls from my city and my country. That sad experience killed my desire to chat with Asian girls. Despite this sad case, my trip to Thailand was super. Thanks to the friends who helped me. I think that any tourist could have similar stories; it was just a shame for me that I found this girl on a dating site.